Why Rising Sun Soap Is Different From The Rest...

Most commercial soaps aren’t really soaps - they are mainly detergents with chemicals added to produce a lather. While they are effective for cleaning the skin, they tend to be drying and require the use of moisturizers after using them. Handmade soaps are true soaps, made with animal or vegetable oils and butters. They are superior to commercial soaps because they are much less drying and actually moisturize the skin. The addition of herbs can help tone and balance the skin.

Rising Sun Soap Company goes one step further to create the finest cleansing bar available. Our soap is French Milled, also known as re-batched soap. When soap is first made, it is highly alkaline. It goes through a curing process during which time the pH balance drops to a neutral level. This is the process most soap makers use, and it does create a fine bar of soap. However, during the highly alkaline state, up to 50% of the properties of the oils, butters, herbs and essential oils can be damaged. French milling is a process by which a rich soap is made and after it cures, and has a neutral pH, it is re-melted and the fine oils, herbs, vegetable butters and essential oils are then added. This insures that 100% of the beneficial qualities of the oils and butters, as well as the vitamins, minerals, amino acids and proteins, are retained in the soap. This is a time consuming and expensive extra step, but a necessity to make the best possible soap.

All of our soaps are then poured into individual molds. While making a long brick of soap and slicing off squares is a fast, easy and less costly method, it does not reflect the care, love and pride that went into the creation of our soap. Rising Sun soaps look like what they are...SUPERIOR!

Only pure vegetable and fruit oils and butters are used in our soaps. They are a rich source of natural vitamins A and E as well as beta carotene. Some act as humectants, enabling the skin to absorb more moisture, while others moisturize, soothe and protect the skin. Several oils produce a rich, fluffy lather... no chemical or synthetic ingredients are used to achive this. Pure silk is also added. Silk contains 18 water-soluble amino acids that nourish the skin. Only pure aromatherapy grade essential oils are used for the scents - no synthetic fragrances or fragrance oils. While fragrances are nice to smell, that is all they do. Essential oils provide a delightful smell while at the same balancing the oil glands and stimulating cellular regeneration. They are also antibacterial, antiviral, astringent, and detoxifying.

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