Before dying at the age of 96, the last surviving Von Stapf, George, taught his great grandson, Patrick, all that he knew about the family's traditions and history. Being a teenager at the time, Patrick carefully saved the information, but then was soon caught up in the whirl of modern life and the knowledge and traditions of 200 years of alternative medicine soon became papers locked away in a box.

While Patrick was living high in the Rocky Mountains, the harsh weather and high altitude began to wreak havoc on his skin. Nothing seemed to help his dry, chaffed skin. One day, he remembered and wished he had some of his grandfather’s soaps and creams. He journeyed back to his native Pennsylvania, retrieved his box of notes and formulas, and soon began making his own soaps and salves. He decided to begin experimenting with the formula. By combining the soap and salve formulas, he was able to create a cleansing bar that would deep clean the skin, while at the same time, feed it nutrients, balance the oil glands, moisturize, and improve it's tone. Almost instantly his skin began to feel great and was soon glowing. Friends and neighbors noticed and began to ask what he was using on his skin. He gave them some soap bars to try and soon they were asking for more...

Rising Sun Soap Company was born!

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Rising Sun Soap Company is a recently restored 200 year-old family tradition.

For 200 years, the Von Stapf family of Germany and Austria pioneered the practice of homeopathic medicine and herbal treatments in Europe. They created potions, salves and soaps for the royal households of Europe. They were so successful in their creations, that they soon became members of nobility, being knighted and receiving the titles of Baron.